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Ruby's Story

Ruby's Story

"Cystic fibrosis has never stopped ruby doing anything! Yes her days may require a little more structure and planning to enable her to do everything else her friends do but it certainly does not stop her."

All the things you once thought about prior to the news that your beautiful baby has cystic fibrosis now seem shattered. The picture now feels very different and all those hopes and wishes you once had for your child... gone! 

You ask yourself many questions. Will my child be able to go to school? Will they be able to run with friends? Will they look ‘poorly’ the older they get? The list goes on!  With that enormous pharmacy bag of medication and all the information you have just attempted to take in, there doesn’t seem to be any room to think about anything else other than CF! 

One thing I wish I had been able to see back then was how things would look today, the ability to look into the future 8 years on and see that actually life isn’t that different to how I imagined it would be prior to ruby being born. 

  • Does she go to school? Yes, mainstream and attended nursery too! In fact her attendance last term was 100%.
  • Will she be able to run with friends? Yes, in fact she mostly runs past them!
  • Will she look poorly? Nope, she looks no different to any other 8 year old!

From a very young age ruby has had a love of dance. Back in the early days I used to be afraid at how much of an interest she showed. It used to make me feel so sad thinking, why can’t she love something else? Reading, drawing anything...  My thoughts were that she would be setting herself up to fail; because of course she will not be able to attend weekly dance classes, competitions, shows etc.  She won’t be able to keep up with friends because her health won’t allow it! How’s that going to make her feel?  How wrong was I!  She does all of that.... dances every week (never misses class), has taken part in lots of shows and competitions (and won lots too) and most importantly for us, feels no different to any other dancer up there! If only I could have seen back then what I do today. 

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