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Nicky's Lockdown Story

Nicky's Lockdown Story


"There is no denying COVID-19 has made us all sit up sharp and consider how much the world has altered in a few short months.  Families with CF in their lives always have times of battling with invisible enemies, but this has taken things to another level and I don't think anyone has been untouched by it. 

My work as the CF Social Worker has changed a great deal in recent times.  I have had to meet new families by way of telephone and have also completed several DLA and other benefit forms in the same way.  I have attended countless 'virtual' meetings (the thought of which initially brought me out in a rash).  However, this personal achievement of grappling with technology and winning has been a great boost to me.  I've been able to liaise with families and apply for exercise and equipment grants from the CF Trust and the CF Holiday Fund to ensure exeercise is maximised and boredom minimised.  These are still available so please contact me if I can be of any help. 

I've also been acutely aware of the financial and emotional impact on many families and have been able to assist in obtaining emergency grants for essential living costs, health and well-being grants and coordinating volunteer help for some families who have been shielding.  I've been able to advocate for parents with regards to their employers by helping to educate companies on Public Health England guidelines regarding the vulnerability of our patients and I'm hopeful that most have been sensitive to the very real fears that parents have experienced. 

The hospital CF teams, charities I've worked with and the families that we care for have all been made to push their creativity to the limit during this pandemic and we should all pat ourselves on the back and be proud of just how resourceful we have found ourselves to be. 

I'm sure we've all learnt something about ourselves in recent months.  I for one have come to understand things about me during this interminable lockdown:-

  • Biscuits and wine make me gain weight
  • I am obviously not as cool as; I like to think I am on 'Tik-Tok'.  However, the main thing I will take from these strangest of times is that this crisis has shown me just how adaptable and resilient we are as a species.
  • My favourite mantra is ..... "This too shall pass' ....... and it shall :)

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