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Daisy's Lockdown Spell in Hospital by her mum Sam

Daisy's Lockdown Spell in Hospital by her mum Sam


"Our family lockdown has been interesting to say the least, getting used to being together all the time.  We are all shielding Daisy as a family and it has lead to some tears, laughter, worry and arguments but overall its actually lovely being home together.  The world seems so scary, particularly having a child who is extremely vulnerable to coronavirus but we ae making the most of it with lots of baking, crafts and playing together.  We continued some of this when Daisy needed to be admitted to hospital twice recently.  As you can see from her pictures the play specialists kept her occupied as she wasn't allowed to leave her room in order to keep her safe (although she did try to escape a few times!)

Rachel and Rebecca on Ward 15 were amazing with her, bringing her lots and lots to play with and do.  Meanwhile, the wonderful CF nuses kept me sane, particularly Lauren, Alex and Wendy this time around.  They are all amazing and I would have been totally lost without them, especially given the visiing situation currently which is extremely restricted to one parent only".  Thank you all, Sam xx

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