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Newborn Jessica to gymnast, cheerleading and dance

We were very worried and unsure of the future, that was until we met the Cystic Fibrosis team at The Birmingham Children's Hospital. They were fantastic at explaining all about Jessica's condition and helped to put our minds at ease.

"Whether it was at clinic appointments in the hospital or home visits the team were very supportive."

Jack the CF fighter

We would take it away from him if we could but we can't, we have to deal with the situation and take everyday as it comes. Yes we still have hard day's, but it's to be expected - nothing is how we planned! The routine we have has become normality

"We cherish every second with him, he is our gift, he is always smiling"

Cute cheeky George

We are lucky enough to be under the shared care system between Birmingham Children’s Hospital and Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospital Trust. We get twice the number of specialists looking out for George. There is always someone available to speak to if we have a concern about anything.

"It took a while, but for a long time, CF was at the top of the list, it gradually slipped down and now it is at the bottom"

James the swimmer

He’s strong, he’s clever, he’s very disciplined and competitive and I think CF has made him like this, he’s definitely a fighter and I hope that fighting spirit stays with him for the rest of his very long life

"He’s made me a very very proud mom xxx"

Ruby's Story

One thing that is so difficult to imagine after diagnosis is exactly what life will be like for your child.

"Cystic fibrosis has never stopped ruby doing anything! Yes her days may require a little more structure and planning to enable her to do everything else her friends do but it certainly does not stop her."

Cystic Fibrosis Patient illustrates a very important message

During the very strange times that we are all living in currently, due to COVID19 pandemic, and all of our families having to shield by not leaving their homes or doing the things we usually do in order to protect themselves, we are keen to reiterate the importance of staying home and staying safe #lockdown until further government guidance.