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The New Parents Information Evening 2016

The New Parents Information Evening 2016

by CF Network   28th April 2016

We wanted to say a big ‘Thank You’ to parents and carers who came along to the third New Parents Infomation Evening on Monday 18th April. It was a great success and was very well attended. We as a staff group were thrilled to see so many of you there. Hopefully it not only provided an opportunity to ask questions and meet the team but also enabled families to chat and get to know one another too.

We were very fortunate on the evening to have speakers who were able to share their experiences and each of the speakers were so enamoured with the audience that they have each expressed an interest in speaking again at future events.

Dominic Kavanagh, Clinical Care Adviser, CF Trust

“It was encouraging hearing the one parent who started with the ‘devastating news’ they’d received at diagnosis and knowing nothing about CF at the time, and yet to think how they as a family have adapted already to manage the challenges. It was really uplifting being at such an evening and to see parents, including those who might have been reticent about going to hear what others might say, chat freely together as though it was a weight off their minds.”

 Paul Harper, Parent

Paul spoke openly about the impact of having a child with Cystic Fibrosis - This was done with passion and humour and struck a chord with many of the dads on the evening. He continued to reflect on the day to day challenges of being a stay at home dad whilst his wife goes out to work and how they have managed to overcome the difficulties that CF brings.

 Gillian Thompson, Parent

Gillian thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity of speaking about her experiences as a mum of a teenage boy and happy to share these with those who are just starting their journey as parents of a child with CF.  

Some quotes from the evening are below...

“Fantastic evening! So so helpful!”

“Talks from CF patients & parents was so refreshing & helpful”

“Good to see how other parents have adapted for their children”

“I loved listening to the parents share with total honesty – really inspiring”

“Parents of older children giving info on how their children have progressed”

“Hearing from other parents was very useful”

“Being able to Physio equipment rather than just hearing about it was good”

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