Network peer review

The Cystic Fibrosis Trust, British Thoracic Society and British Paediatric Respiratory Society conduct peer reviews of both adult and paediatric services. The purpose of peer review is to support and facilitate improvements in the delivery of specialist care at CF specialist centres.

A thorough review of clinical, psychosocial and business activities relating to the delivery of care for those attending the service is carried out and a report of findings is published for the commissioner, hospital management, the CF team, patients and carers.

The peer review panel is made up of a selection of specialists in cystic fibrosis from multi-disciplinary teams (MDT) around the UK and a specialist commissioner, supported by the Cystic Fibrosis Trust's head of Clinical Programmes. The panel conducts a review of all aspects of the service provided by specialist CF Centres. The peer review final report is signed off by the peer review panel, peer review oversight board and the MDT.

Further information

2013 Network Specific Report Birmingham Paeds
Peer Review Report

Published July 2014 - Birmingham Children’s Hospital and shared care networks

Letter to Patients

Accompanying Peer review report


Acronyms used in cystic fibrosis peer review reports