Multidisciplinary team


The Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Specialist Dietitians give advice on nutrition, enzymes and vitamins

Specialist Nurses

The CF nurse specialist is integral to the planning and coordinating of this service and can guide others to help provide effective adolescent care, enabling young people to take responsibility for managing their own illness.


The physiotherapists aim is to provide each patient with an individual physiotherapy programme which enables them to keep the lungs clear of secretions thereby lessening the risk of infection and subsequent lung damage. Physiotherapy is an integral part of the treatment for CF and starts as soon as the diagnosis is confirmed.


The CF Consultant leads the MDT, will make all medical decisions regarding prescription of medications and will be responsible for the overall care of your child. The CF Consultant is also often involved in CF related research.


A pharmacists main role is to provide advice on medicines.  They can assist if you are having problems obtaining medicines or would like to know how they work, side effects or any other medicines related questions.

Lung function specialists

The Lung Function team perform a wide range of routine and specialists investigations as a way of testing lung health. This helps the MDT to get a better picture of how the patient is doing both in comparison with similarly aged persons of the same age and sex and in assessing lung changes over time.

Family Support Workers

The role of the Family Support Worker is to provide support and assistance to children and young people affected by cystic fibrosis along with their parents and carers. This could include; emotional and practical support, finances and welfare rights information, liaison with other agencies and support through transition.


Many people living with long term physical health conditions, such as cystic fibrosis, can experience difficulties at times which can make day to day tasks more challenging and cause significant emotional distress.