Heartlands Hospital

Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust

Heart of England Foundation Trust (HEFT) provides paediatric CF care at Heartlands Hospital and Good Hope.

Heartlands Hospital is the largest site: it is just north of the Coventry Road and 4 miles from Birmingham city centre. The paediatric CF multidisciplinary team is based here, offering regular CF clinics in the children’s outpatient unit from new-born screening to 12 years, and in adolescent clinics for 12 to 16/17 years. We offer inpatient facilities on ward 16, a 24/7 assessment unit, and ward 14 for day cases or urgent CF team review. We provide telephone advice, urgent appointments and home visits as needed, liaising with the team at Birmingham Children’s Hospital to provide seamless care. http://www.heartofengland.nhs.uk/paediatrics/

The West Midlands Adult regional CF service, one of the largest in the country, is based here. http://www.heartlandscf.org/

Good Hope Hospital is in Sutton Coldfield and the Paediatric CF team offer outpatient clinics here, plus access to routine investigations, providing a local service for North Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield and a large part of south east Staffordshire.

Heartlands Hospital

Our Mission

Healthcare at the heart of our communities

Our Vision

To provide services that inspire confidence, trust and pride within the communities we serve.

Contact details

CF Staff

  • Dr Sarah Denniston - Consultant Paediatrician
    CF lead
  • Cathy Wogan - Paediatric Respiratory (CF) Nurse Specialist
    Usually your first port of call
  • Lorna Hull - CF Dietician
    Advises on healthy eating, creon and vitamins
  • Dr Zoe Cross - Clinical Psychologist
    Available to discuss ways of dealing with the diagnosis of CF, managing difficult behaviour, anxiety or depression
  • Laura Butler - Physiotherapist
    First contact for nebuliser and physio device queries

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