Current studies

Research in CF is focussed on how existing treatment can be used more effectively, developed and new ones trialled.

Children attending our service have participated  in:

  • Gene therapy trials
  • Eradication of Pseudomonas (TORPEDO) ( )
  • The use of inhaled Mannitol
  • Novel ways of assessing information from exhaled breath (SPACE)
  • CEFIT study of kidney function
  • SNAP study of bone density in CF and other chronic conditions
  • ATALUREN study for certain CF genotypes
  • Protekt study - preventing kidney complications

Current studies include:

  • CF START study evaluating  whether young children are best treated preventatively with daily Flucloxacillin or only treated if/when they develop an infection with Staphylococcus aureus
  • ALPINE 2 study looking at using nebulised Aztreonam for treating new isolation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • 3D-CF  - Evaluation of a hearing test in CF 
We are also involved in audits which help us to improve our service and contribute data to the UK CF registry
We hope that with the appointment of a CTAP clinical trials facilitator we will be able to be involved in more clinical trials in the near future.

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Cystic Fibrosis Trust

Cystic Fibrosis Trust - Research

We are the UK's only national charity dealing with all aspects of cystic fibrosis. We fund research to improve cystic fibrosis care and treatment, and aim to ensure appropriate clinical care and support for people with cystic fibrosis.