January - Need a hand completing your DLA form? Contact your Family Support Worker today.

Sending off the relevant DLA forms each year can be a time consuming task. Why not contact the family support worker to help make this task easier..

February - Planning ahead for your half term and Easter break trips, why not visit Merlin attractions?

Merlin magic wand charities can help arrange magical days out. Contact the charity direct for further information..

March - Itchy eyes, running nose, are these symptoms of CF? or could it be hayfever

The CF condition comes with many side effects, however children and young people also suffer from hayfever. Please call your local CF team as they are happy to help with any concerns and worries..

April - The family support worker is on hand and ready for your call

You family support worker is here to help you. They are a resource that the whole family can access, to listen to common concerns and support through difficult times. Arrange a friendly chat today..

April - Coronavirus Pandemic 2020

During these very strange times we are all living in currently, due to COVID19 pandemic, and all of our families having to shield by not leaving their homes or doing the things we usually do in order to protect themselves, we are keen to reiterate the importance of staying home and staying safe #lockdown until further government guidance..

May - Is the sun shining? Add a new exercise and physio routine with an outdoor activity.

Looking for a new activity to add to your routine? Get out into the fresh air and enjoy all the fun things you can do outside with a ball, bike or trampoline..

May - Remember to take your salt as temperatures rise.

People with CF lose more salt in their sweat compared to those without the condition. In very hot weather (even in the UK!) this can lead to excessive salt (and fluid) losses. We will often therefore recommend extra salt supplements if you are travelling to a hot climate or even in very hot weather at home. Adding salt to meals and having salty foods such as crisps can also be helpful, and it must always be remembered to drink plenty of fluids..

June - Look out for details of our Zoom update for parents and carers on 11th June

We are planning a virtual meeting to update you on the Coronavirus pandemic and the changes we have made to help keep you safe and well during this time.

July - Starting or changing schools this September

Contact the CF team for help and guidance for schools. The CF team will help the school and you produce individual health care plans. Follow the link (add link) for more information on how the CF team can help..

October - Get your flu Jab, ready to fight winter bugs

Don’t forget to book your flu jab this winter direct with your GP..

November - Have you had your Annual Review?

The annual review is a detailed assessment of every aspect of your child condition and therapies, to identify changes in how we manage the condition appropriate to the clinical need..

December - Enjoy those much needed extra calories during this festive time.

This time of year is the perfect opportunity to indulge in all the high calorie festive treats on offer..