Birmingham Children's Hospital

Located in Birmingham City Centre on Steelhouse Lane, we provide the widest range of children’s health services for young patients from Birmingham, the West Midlands and beyond, with over 257,000 patient visits every year.

Our Mission

To provide outstanding care and treatment to all children and young people who choose and need to use our services, and to share and spread new knowledge and practice, so we are always at the forefront of what is possible.

Our Vision

To be the leading provider of healthcare for children and young people, giving them care and support – whatever treatment they need – in a hospital without walls.

Our Values

  • Ambitious
  • Brave
  • Compassionate

Birmingham Children's Hospital

Contact details

  • 0121 333 8237
  • Birmingham Children's Hospital, Steelhouse Lane, Birmingham, B4 6NH

CF Staff

  • Dr Maya Desai - Respiratory Clinical Lead
  • Dr Prasad Nagakumar - Consultant Respiratory Paediatrician
  • Dr Priti Kenia - Consultant Respiratory Paediatrician
  • Dr Ben Davies - Consultant Respiratory Paediatrician
  • Dr Chris Hine - Respiratory Research Fellow
  • Wendy Nixon - Senior Lead CF Nurse Specialist
  • Michelle Tabberner - Senior CF Nurse Specialist
  • Sally Evans - CF Nurse Specialist
  • Louise Wooldridge - CF Nurse Specialist
  • Lauren Bartlett - CF Nurse Specialist
  • Nicky Surfleet - Family Support Worker
  • Jo Osmond - CF Service and Network Manager
  • Carolyn Patchell - Senior Lead CF Dietitian
  • Katie Stead - Senior CF Dietitian
  • Julie Simpson - Senior CF Physiotherapist
  • Nicky Leach - Senior CF Physiotherapist
  • Beth Millman - CF Physiotherapist
  • Lucy Paskin - Senior CF Pharmacist
  • Davy Evans - Clinical Psychologist
  • Courtney Poole - Clinical Psychologist

Map & Directions